Talk capitilism. Than just don't work but prosper from all of your laborers.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Marketing Economics

What is capitalism? It was and still is you going from your rags to your riches. You make a success out of your business by working your business first for your prosperity and make your business work by knowing what you are making in your business.

Wealth creation that has been and will always be is to sell and to produce what you have sold. It is that you have made more than a really good living all your way. You are in business to make the money for yourself.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Free in Your Enterprise

When supplying more than what is demanded, thee cost of living drops down but demand more than what could be supplied. Thee cost of living goes up. Now that increasing the money supply how ever that there is no goods to be demanded of inflates not only the cost of making a really good living but also the price of doing any kind of a business. It deflates the value of everything else around and costing thy more both in money and in goods still bankrupts but partake ye. Partake ye all that is of the truth. That a wealth building society not only becomes productive. Thee people produce the product that sells. Figer. Figer for thyself what sells and thy must get to know thy business inside and out. That is J. Paul Getty business rule number two and now go forth and offer up. Yes offer up not only of your junk but offer up to the cash paying customers more than what thee is demanding. Supply thee with all of their money worth.

Marxism Factories
To produce and to sell what thy has produced, thy soon produce what would sell for all of thyself but to produce nothing of value in and for the market place is to do nothing but to fill out the state status quote and that is no money to be made. Why would anyone bother? The one dose goes forth and works from rags to riches by venturing out for thee success. One of those factories that cost thee more in the money goes out of business.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Constituting and Protection of Private Property

Franchising for corporate America is a deal where the one can do more of the deeper skimming than that of the others. The next in line can skim a little less than at the top of this food chain and those at the bottom of the list can skim out the least but is it not all that you do yours? If you flip those hamburgers, the place should be mine but flip their hamburgers by making their hamburgers your hamburgers and you must get into business for yourself. J. Paul Getty business rule number one.

Now go forth and make for yourself the money and making more of the money is profit making. The people dose go forth and venture out into their own business because they are not in business to go make that somebody else rich. Why be a toco stuffer? And this is why they call it private in their enterprise.

But the perpetrators and the violators of the crime of nature have a right to go a picken in that somebody else orchard field. To pick and to keep on picking from that somebody else peaches tree is a violation and a crime against the nature of capitalism. What were are no longer yours but mines apples and oranges now and what becomes of private property should never be theirs. This taking and be taken again leave nothing to sell not in the free but in the open market place.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Capitalism Talk

Capitalism the law of nature governs economics and economics is the manufacturing and the sell of goods. Economics is not free and easy money. Economics is to sell and to produce what you have sold but economics is not to claim jump for as much as you want and produce nothing for the money. Yes life is a two way street but a one way street is a road that leads to deficit spending and deficit spending bankrupts.

God the one that arks up in heaven has written upon his heaven. "Adam" God didn't say in Genesis 2:15 but put Adam there in the Garden of Eden. "All that you do. Keep what you have done" and Adam went out naturally and kept all that he had done. You see. Adam never needed no how too instructional manual from God. Adam went out freely and designed his own designer garden all his way.

And the law of capitalism is now the law of the entire universe. One dose make their business their business and the one dose go out and find their fortune in this world. Is it not your success your secret to your success? Than go forth and prosper from all of your works. Offer up to the cash paying customers more than their money worth. Offer up value and now go forth and produce more than the product. Produce the product that sells.