Talk capitilism. Than just don't work but prosper from all of your laborers.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Capitalism Talk

Capitalism the law of nature governs economics and economics is the manufacturing and the sell of goods. Economics is not free and easy money. Economics is to sell and to produce what you have sold but economics is not to claim jump for as much as you want and produce nothing for the money. Yes life is a two way street but a one way street is a road that leads to deficit spending and deficit spending bankrupts.

God the one that arks up in heaven has written upon his heaven. "Adam" God didn't say in Genesis 2:15 but put Adam there in the Garden of Eden. "All that you do. Keep what you have done" and Adam went out naturally and kept all that he had done. You see. Adam never needed no how too instructional manual from God. Adam went out freely and designed his own designer garden all his way.

And the law of capitalism is now the law of the entire universe. One dose make their business their business and the one dose go out and find their fortune in this world. Is it not your success your secret to your success? Than go forth and prosper from all of your works. Offer up to the cash paying customers more than their money worth. Offer up value and now go forth and produce more than the product. Produce the product that sells.


Blogger Anton said...

What is your first language?

3:24 PM  
Anonymous steve said...

Sounds like complete nonsense - people do things for all sorts of motivations. Read the story of pencillin or jonas salk and the development of polie vacine. Children nver paid for it. Or Hitler - a profit? no - theories about the future of the German nation. Maria Theresa and the Hapsberg reforms.

6:53 PM  

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