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Monday, February 20, 2006

Free in Your Enterprise

When supplying more than what is demanded, thee cost of living drops down but demand more than what could be supplied. Thee cost of living goes up. Now that increasing the money supply how ever that there is no goods to be demanded of inflates not only the cost of making a really good living but also the price of doing any kind of a business. It deflates the value of everything else around and costing thy more both in money and in goods still bankrupts but partake ye. Partake ye all that is of the truth. That a wealth building society not only becomes productive. Thee people produce the product that sells. Figer. Figer for thyself what sells and thy must get to know thy business inside and out. That is J. Paul Getty business rule number two and now go forth and offer up. Yes offer up not only of your junk but offer up to the cash paying customers more than what thee is demanding. Supply thee with all of their money worth.

Marxism Factories
To produce and to sell what thy has produced, thy soon produce what would sell for all of thyself but to produce nothing of value in and for the market place is to do nothing but to fill out the state status quote and that is no money to be made. Why would anyone bother? The one dose goes forth and works from rags to riches by venturing out for thee success. One of those factories that cost thee more in the money goes out of business.


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